Zambia’s most trending R&B artist Roberto advise musicians to use social media wisely


Zambia’s most trending R&B artist *Roberto* comes out open on his recent tweet, he tells all the artists, upcoming and established to all stop complaining about connections.
Nowadays its seems like everyone keeps on insisting that connections is the only way you can make people recognise your music both locally and internationally.
Roberto insists that they should all be serious because all that they need is found on the internet as well as the artists they would love to collaborate with, TV channels to publish their videos and many more, He tells all of them to be serious by saying *LETS BE SERIOUS*
And these are signs that he has opened to doors to every artists who would love to collaborate with him but fail to approach him.
He is up to help every artist out.
So let’s not sit down and wait for connections, its time to step up our game and let’s not act shy but let’s utilise every opportunity we get.
People might raise their concern by saying what if the artist you want to feature doesn’t respond in time? *Well the best answer is, its better to try and just to sit back and regret never trying.*
So give it a shot and try them out