Today, most people that are in a relationship are not fully convinced and satisfied in terms of trusting their partner when; they know where their partner stays, when they get to know their partner’s family, when one introduces their partner to all his/her close friends, when one gets to apprehend their partner’s hobbies, when one gets to know what their partner does most of the time and where to find them each particular time of the day, or when one knows the people that frequently call their partner. In fact in the modern day, somebody may try everything to prove to their partner that they are trustworthy, but nothing is prominently more persuasive in winning their partner’s trust than giving them their Facebook password. However, nearly all the people that I know are dating have each other’s Facebook passwords.
For many, the Facebook password is literary a lottery ticket that wins trust. Sadly, what most people that demand and eventually gain complete access to their partner’s Facebook account do not realize is that; what seems as a way of securing their relationship, only deprives their partner of their right to privacy. Thus, such unjust demands mounted on your partner locks them up in a cage where they feel tortured and afflicted with distrust; in the sense that one has to explain to their partner every suspicious conversation they find in their inbox time and again. What’s more, these trivial strains further amount to frustrations, loose talk, endless quarrels and increase of second thoughts.
Therefore, Facebook should not be the mainstay of your relationship. But rather, your relationship ought to be based on unconditional love, unforced trust and free from false and unnecessary exposure. Don’t be too terrified to fall on your own sword. You cannot afford to have your partner in a magnifying glass day in and day out. You ought not to spend the entire day inspecting out somebody’s inbox and checking out who drops comments on their picture. That attention is certainly needed for other things; you need time to build a life for yourself mind you. Get somebody you can trust and rely on; somebody whom is never shaken by distance. You possibly can find somebody made of honesty and loyalty; if only you stop holding looks the determining factor for whom you go after or accept.
Furthermore, for as long as a can remember back in High school, one of my close buddies caught his girlfriend with other dudes more times than he can remember in spite of him having her Facebook password. What’s worse, they would spend the time that they were supposed to spend having a good time and making memories, quarrelling over suspicious conversations he saw in her inbox.
Therefore, it is definitely a pity if you think having your partner’s Facebook password is restricting them from spreading their eyes. Furthermore, having your partner’s password would not stop them from cheating either, if they were. Self-conviction is the key aspect for change, reason being. You cannot force a dog to eat grass indeed. If a cheater stops cheating, it means they were only supported and given the right treatment to fulfil what they initially planned by themselves that is.
To sum it up, if you and your partner have each other’s Facebook passwords, I want to believe that the basic intentions for exchanging your passwords was not championed by quarrels or force of any kind, but for the reason that both of you want to share part of what you have wholeheartedly and want to prove that you genuinely have nothing to hide.
We have to decide whether or not losing our privacy is worth the trust or security our partner gains. (The National Domestic Violence Hotline)
It wasn’t healthy. Curiosity is a devastating emotion when you have access to a significant other’s account. When times turned bad, I found myself addicted to seeing how he was describing our crumbling relationship to others. I eventually had to ask him to change his password — which he initially refused to do, seeing it as a nail in the coffin of the relationship – but I insisted, because I couldn’t stop myself from looking. (Kashmir Hill @Forbes)
Written by Akabondo Simutanyi.
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