Yo Maps Shares A Sneak Pic Of His Past


They say it’s easy to read the title of a book, but it’s hard to read the entire book. Yo Maps Says

I have been through ups and downs, I have felt Pain And happiness, I have lost myself countless times, But many are the times av found my greatest strength.

A lot might criticize and a lot will not understand,if you knew the life I lived before today, you would be happy for every single achievement you have seen because ala mwandi akasuba taka sanikapamo.

In the picture below is a me you never met but I brought out so you relate with everything am happy about today because I know hunger, I know stress,sleepless nights and a lot more it takes to be someone respected,

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, shoes and outdoor

Never feel you are better than the next person, you are your own competition.

#MyRedeemerlives ?