WCW: My Woman Crash for This Week Is Wezi


Woman Crush Of The Week
Victoria Wezi Mhone was born on 25th May 1992 . Born and raised in Ndola, Zambia.
Her Father is the Late Apostal Simon Mhone and her mother is Pastor Royce Chanje Banda who is currently living in Lusaka city.
Her Parents Encouraged her To sing and by the time she was 7 years old, she had already sung for family members, school mates and teachers. She started writing poems and her own songs when she was 11 Years Old. In primary school she was the leader of a singing group in a club called “scripture union”. Then through out Junior and Senior Secondary, she sung In Front Of 700 pupils during presentations she was Involved In.
” I Had This Thing Inside Me Saying “I can make a difference with my songs”
Only God is My Ultimate Inspiration; Out Of My Days (Good or bad) I Write A New Song.”
Professionally, she started music in 2012. She is a proud Christian, she regards no rules nor laws unless stated by the lord Jesus Christ, she loves to live life and so her list of hobbies is endless. Currently, she’s pursuing a
bachelor’s degree in the school of humanities at the University of Zambia , She has dreams of one day becoming a renowned brand in Africa and around the world, combining knowledge in social sciences and musical skills to inspire different people from all walks of life.
The theme of her life is ‘Spreading Hope’ . Music is soulful and her writing is poetic for she was inspired by deep thoughts and emotions based on her upbringing and realities that surrounded. Her musical influences in Zambia cross all genres, Ranging from hip-hop to kalindula; a fan of “good music”. She can say she loves every ‘Brilliant musician’ who has graced the Zambian music scene from the early days till now. But every person has preferences and hers have been Pompi and Zone Fam , top of the list. Globally, her biggest influences are obvious and they are; Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houstone, Brandy, Ne-Yo, Celine Dion, Cece Winans, Bob Marley and 2pac . Her favorite quote is, “ulesi ni musamilo obaba, nchito yokutuma yubaba” Chi Kunda saying by Emely Christine Mwanza (Grandma) meaning
“Laziness is a painful platform to rest your head, being sent to work will trouble your heart, its best to use wisdom, creativity and innovation and get on with it”
Wezi competed in the Airtel Trace Music Stars competition . The finale to crown the Zambian winner took place at popular live music venue The Web and was attended by many people from the entertainment industry as well as family and friends of contestants. Wezi came out second , while Bernard Shaluchiso took first place .
Musically she has collaborated with the likes of General Ozzy , Wilz ,Zone fam , Cleo Ice queen , among others