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Now let me ask you, are there any musicians you know who are more talented than those big artists know, yet they can’t catch a break?
I’m sure you do.
Maybe that person is you, let me tell you.
Unfortunately, it’s due to the same reason many other talented musicians never seem to progress:
They don’t know how to properly market their music!
Yes they know Youtube is a good tool for getting their visuals out there.
They also know they should have a good selection of songs for potential fans to find.
But many mistakenly think it ends there.
Record a song, make a good video, fans and money will find you that’s not true.
Now here’s where the big mistake happens:
They get into a habit of doing things they think will benefit their music career, even though they really don’t.
But they feel like they’re being busy, so it must be helping right?
Again, unfortunately not.
The worse thing is, once you get in a habit or cycle of music promotion which is easy and ‘comfortable’, it’s hard to break out of that.
If there anything you’ve been doing for the last few months which hasn’t brought many meaningful results?
Yet you still do it?
If so, unfortunately you may be in this cycle right now.
But there is a way out!!
Option 1: Constantly try new ways you reach your music related goals, analyzing things every one to three months.
From there stop doing the things which haven’t helped much, and keep doing those which have.
Constantly try new thing you think which may work.
Option 2. Save years in trial and error by being told (by those with experience) how to do things the right way the first time around!
Desperation kills most upcoming Artists:
They say cheap is expansive I see most upcoming artists they run to cheap things forgetting that, money and time is been wested , desperation of been promoted is one of the main reason you fail to make it.
Its a two way thing:
You work with a promoter who wants to make money or someone who understand the music industry.
If you work with a promoter who is on business they tell you that your music is happening big time even wen you are not ,sometimes they would increase downloads from there websites so that you think its happening, all they want is to keep business deal.
Work with the rit people please don’t be that person who feels that, then years later realizes they’ve taken the wrong path and wasted a lot of time.
That’s time you can’t get back, and you risk the chance of becoming demotivated by the music industry.
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