This Week’s Focus.Yo Maps


The future of Zambian R&B seems bright.

Zambian music has always had fine talents in R&B, artists like the late P-jay, Ezreal the living legend, Roberto, Chocklet, etc. However, the question stands, apart from Daeve who has already been mentioned above, who else has the tools to keep Zambian R&B music alive in the days to

In point of fact, I am usually wondering where Yo Maps has been all this while. It is true that you never know what you are missing not until you have it. Likewise, after Yo Maps released ‘Finally,’ the cheerful response that people showed toward that song indicates that the lovers of
the recorded voice had actually missed out on the excitement such music bring about. It felt like the missing piece of the puzzle. In fact, the echo of that song is still loud enough to be heard even today.

Furthermore, Zambians can well be assured that Yo Maps is still unpacking the gift box, he is yet to bring more to the table. With the few singles Yo Maps has released, he appears to be a back-
to-back hit artist.

If the future is bright for Yo Maps, then the Future of Zambian music is equally bright. By the way, Yo Maps is another reason why Zambian R&B music has it’s future painted in a bright color.
By Akabondo Simutanyi.