This Week’s Focus. The Zambian Music Immortals Slap Dee


Who ever knew that a young promising rapper who wished for a better life when he sang “asembe isebenza” a couple of years ago, would today be labeled as the King of Zambian Hip Hop?
Slap Dee’s high esteem for the Zambian artist and consciousness of what Zambian artists deserve makes him a distinctive personality in the arena of Zambian music. He acknowledges the fact that home is home, and that a father must feed good food to his own children before he feeds outsiders. King Dizo’s attitude reflects that of a brave soldier who does not accept being on the back-foot in the game.
Adding more fuel to the fire, who does not nod their head when a song by Slap Dee plays? King Dizo’s smooth fluency in both English flows and local vocals make him one of Zambia’s decorated and romantic rappers of all time. His swagger and sensible rhyme instinct pull him out of the crowd. Truly, no genuine Hip Hop lover can be too brock to pay respect to Slap Dee.
When counting out the best artists in Zambian, please leave out Slap Dee, he is more than just one of the best reason being. Talk low about King Dizo if you want, but I know for a fact he never gives a damn; he knows what is in his bank account.
Slap Dee is a born leader seating on the front bench of XYZ. The USA has Jay-Zee, South Africa has Casper and Zambia has Slap Dee. Slap Dee is an entertainment guru, an unforgettable legendary icon in as far as The Zambian music industry is concerned. It is unblemished that Hip Hop was meant for certain people, however, it is also true that some people were born for Hip Hop. Artists such as Slap Dee literary have the label “born for Hip Hop” written on their forehead. Far and beyond, Slap Dee is an Immortal.
Written by Akabondo Simutanyi.