This week’s focus. The Zambian Music Immortals Macky 2


These days when people look at Macky 2, they obviously do realize that legends don’t stress. As at now, even when Macky 2 breathes on the mic, people go dump and jump till they break the floor.
Furthermore, Macky 2’s contribution to the Zambian music industry is too heavy to be scaled. The lyrics in his song titled “Hope foundation,” shows the heart of a legend he is made of: “what kind of an artist will people remember me for if I just shut up about things that really matter?”
Marky 2 is without a doubt one of Zambia’s influential artists. He is a people’s champ; he sings for the people. The boldness, strength, and courage in Macky 2’s voice raise people from their seats. Many folks accept as true that Macky 2’s music is engaging and life relating.
Marky 2 knows no limits, who ever thought that a young fearless rapper who played the keyboard as he spat invincible bars in his song titled “2010,” would one day carry the Zambian flag at Big Brother? No one can predict how far Marcy 2 will go but one thing is certain for sure, his legacy will be celebrated.
When writing down list yabapondo, who else would be top of the list if not Macky 2? In fact, people learned from Macky 2 that we have all the right in the world to decline to respond to any junk question and that sometimes walking away from silly situations is never a bad idea or sign of weakness after all.
Truthfully, Macky 2 is the kind of artist who makes his hometown proud; he is a living legend.
It is undoubtedly true that good music exists. However, it is also true that good music would not have existed if not for artists like Macky 2. Above all, Macky 2 is an