This week’s focus The flawless lyrists. Drimz


The Zambian artist is a fans favourite for most lovers of Zed music. In point of fact, when Drimz releases his vocal sounds on the mic, his intentions are not only to entertain but to educate as well.
With a benefit of the doubt, many folks have a sweet heart toward Drimz’ music because it can be played anywhere. Whether you are laying with your grandma on the traditional mat commonly known as mpasa, or taking pints at the bar with your coolest hommies as you crack jokes over the crazy high school days, or taking a long ride to the village; Drimz’ music suits on any occasion, almost.
Drimz is a Zambian bred artist worthy of emulation, one who triggers people to abandon their seats whenever they hear his music. It is crystal clear that music was meant for certain people, however, it is also true that some people were meant for music. Artists such as Drimz obviously fall under the category of the people created for music. Far and beyond, Drimz is a Flawless Lyrics.
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