#TBT Featured Artist Of The Day Baska Baska.


Its late 2009 and the number one song on every one’s mouths is “Zubalanga” by Baska, an unknown singer who came seemed to have come out of nowhere. His song was fair competition for Dandy Krazy’s “Chintelelwe” a song he also produced. I remember how everywhere you went both songs were playing back to back on radio, in clubs and people’s cars. When his debut album Nafuti Nafuti came out in 2010, Zambia was ready for Copper Belt’s next big superstar. He sold out shows from Kitwe to Living Stone, leaving behind fans screaming for encore everywhere he went. His production skills didn’t go unnoticed either when people found out that he was the man behind “Chintelelwe”,“Marry Me” Dandy’s title track “Not Guilty”.

Fast forward three years and its 2012 and Baska is recording a new album with the hopes of giving fans a taste of what they heard on his previous hit record. Though he promises fans that he will deliver what they expect of him and much more, he acknowledges that it’s difficult to top “Zubalanga”. He insists that his new songs are equally as good and will live up to the hype. He has had a slew of hits of late with “Umbrella”, “Fwiti Fwiti” ,”Kokoliko” and his new single

Its now 2019 and his back, with a brand new hit which features two legends Afunika and Macky 2..
This time his not stopping,Listen to this