Slapdee Is Ready To Serve Us “MOTHER TONGUE”


Slapdee confirms the release date for Mother Tongue, In statement he posted on a Social media platform, XYZ Founder said The theme is embracing the culture..

Read below..

If I should be honest, this year has been really difficult to put out music. The timing, the set backs and just the fear of not having the right songs to put out at a particular time.

One of the biggest setbacks was losing a dear brother and friend. CORVID 19 also put us in a place where we didn’t know what was next for us.

The worst thing an artist can do is put out music when they aren’t in the right space( how I’ve been feeling most of this year – meh)

However, music is expression of self. You tell a story based on how you feel a particular time and someone somewhere will relate to it perfectly. I stopped scrapping off songs or ideas because they sounded “too sad” or “too happy” for the album. I focused on telling my story in the last few years.

This Friday, I release to you a story called #Mother_Tongue. The theme is embracing the culture. Took myself back to a younger and hungry me. Paused King Dizo to bring back the Slap. I know a lot of you will vibe.

This is not time for a single ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for #Mother_Tongue!

OUT 20/11/20