Sarkodie reacts to Macky 2’s song


Macky 2 is finally raising the Zambian flag. The Bwankonko hit maker has been one of the most consistent Zambian artists with one of the biggest fan bases.
Mark Mulaza Karia was born on 10th October in Zambia. He became famous after the release of his song “this is why im hot” in 2007 which is a Mims cover. Since his rise, Macky 2 has been doing good music and has helped so many artists in the Zambian music industry.
Like many other Zambian artists, Macky 2 went through so many challenges to make it the top. It was hard for music to spread around that time when there were no major online platforms to circulate music. The only media which was available at that time was radio and it was really hard to get music to other provinces due to transport expenses.
However, Macky 2 made it and paved way for his young brother Chef 187 and many other musicians. He became one of the most powerful Zambian artists after his famous beef with Hip Hop legend SlapDee. This beef brought so much division among their fans but at the same time it earned both rappers a lot of money. The good thing is that it was all squashed and the two are touring various places together.
The rapper represented Zambia at the 2014 Big Brother season alongside Resa. His performance at the Big Brother house earned him fame across Africa and it was a great opportunity for his fans to get to know him well. He came out third in the competition following Nigeria’s Tayo and Tanzania’s Idris.
It is believed that during the Big Brother Season the rapper impressed a lot of big producers including D’Banji who offered him a record deal. Surprisingly the rapper turned it down as he preferred to go on and expand his own record label back home. Since then he has been putting out some great stuff and as it is, hard work always pays.
Last year Macky 2 released a song called “Favor (download this song)” which got a very good response in his country. On the song Macky 2 talks about how much he appreciates his creator. He says Go has always been his provider and whatever he asks from God he is given in abundance, more than he asks. It seems the song hasn’t yet reached its greatest potential. People form other countries are starting to love it.
For weeks now, the song Favor has been receiving some good airplay on a few Ghana radio stations. Guess what, his fans love it and are requesting for it. Last week the song was voted number one on Dj Flex’s top ten show and guess who was featured on the show? Sakodie.
After the count down Sarkodie was asked to chose the song which he wanted to play as the power play. Sarkcess without any hesitation asked for the song to be played again, saying “Play the Number one song man, its awesome”. Sarkodie went on to say, “I know that man from the big brother house and I’ve always wanted to listen to his songs”..
Well, good thing for Zambia.