Profile: Martin Kazembe aka The Pride Of Africa


My name is Martin Kazembe aka The Pride of Africa. I was born on the 14TH of July 1989 in the city of Ndola Copper belt province,Zambia. I am the last born in the family of 11 children of which nine died and there’s just the two of us remaining. I started my grade one on 1996 at Ndola’s Fredrik Chiluba Primary School were I wrote my grade seven exams in 2000.

My mother had separated with my father and i never knew where she was that was 1994,later my father died and I had to drop out of school because there was nobody to sponsor my secondary education, my sister took me in and died two years later. I had nowhere to go so decided to start living in the streets where i met a lady who sent me to sell her banana, from the total sells she would give me a 10%.

Ten months later i met with the pastor who had preached on my sister’s funeral in the streets,he recognised me asked why i was on the streets and took me to he’s place. I lived with him and he’s family from 2003 to 2005,during my stay at their home I gave my life to Christ and i was born again in 2005. He introduced me to Jesus and accepted him as my personal saviour.

I use to go to church before that but never knew who Christ really was. And on 29th of April 2005 that was when I was baptized. People would tell me i have an elder brother in Monze but had never met him,so i decided to go and look for him. I traveled on a train for three days to Monze from Ndola,upon arrival the person i asked first was actually seated next to my brother, i call that the “miracle of God.”

My brother lived in a one roomed house with he’s wife so it was uncomfortable for me therefore only lived with him for 3 days and decided to live with some friends i had met from church.,i raised capital and started selling second hand clothes(Salaula). Began a new life in Monze,then i discovered my singing Talent during the Youth Conference where i was given the opportunity to lead the Praise Team at Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Zambia.

Later i went to record a song titled Ambuye Yese which was a testimony of my life, this song won me an award called the C.N.N award organized by businessmen of Monze. I won in the best Gospel artist category in 2010 southern province. I was encouraged to release an album which i did but most songs weren’t popular,the only song that hit the air waves was “one day”(sikulina nizapita kumwamba).

In 2011 i was invited by a certain poster to attend a scripture union session at some school,was performing on stage and she saw me so afterwards she approached me,we talked and exchanged numbers then became friends and eventually decided to make her my girlfriend in 2013,We got married in October of 2018.

2015 the one day song made so much noise that i was nominated for best upcoming gospel artist category in the Komboni radio awards country wide and i won the award,my church sent me to study at Day Break Bible Church a bible school in chilanga 2017. Am being sponsored by the Church of Christ and will be graduating this year with a diploma in November.

May 2018 my brother whom i followed in Monze died and i remain alone there but have one remaining brother in Ndola,my current song is titled “Nasanka weo” and in this song am trying to appreciate my wife for who she is and how blessed i am to have her as a wife,not that i stopped singing gospel. I want her to know that i chose her out of love and nothing else.

My future plans are that, i want to open up a studio where i can record my own music without much changes made to the original concept as opposed in other people’s studios plus it’s convenient and less expensive….God willing would also love to open an orphanage to help the vulnerable which i have already started with the procedures,i have been there so i know what it is like to be vulnerable.

I dream big,my goal is to open a Christian Media Station because it will allow me reach out to so many people worldwide and bring back lost souls to the kingdom of God, doing he’s work is dear to my heart which is why i can’t stop singing gospel and continue working for God together with my wife who is also being trained in bible school.