Our focus of the week The Golden Voice Chester


These days, whenever we sport people dancing, we literary suspect Chester is the reason behind even when we might not have heard what the song playing is. In the recent past, Chester has risen beyond expectations and he continues to prove the strength of his golden voice till date. 

What’s more, Chester’s music is ear busing but positive. In point of fact, two more than one peoples agree to the observation that Chester’s music is noisy but worth listening to. His loud but entertaining voice comes with some valuable lessons. It is easier to notice than not, that Chester’s music usually prompts one to shake any movable part of their body and at the same time challenges them to analyze their life especially those around them. 

Who could argue that it is because of artists like Chester that Zambia is never short of entertaining tracks? In fact, whenever someone wants to throw up a party, Chester has them covered. 

A unique voice from the church choir, worth a fortune, perfect beyond scale and golden in its own right; is nearly an ideal description of Chester’s voice.