Music that speak for you. Finally by Yo Maps.


After going through a series of disappointments and heartbreaks, I had finally found the woman of my dreams, the perfect woman.
After years of enduring through the agony of being a bachelor ngungulume, I had finally found the woman to grab my briefcase when I got home. The woman to stand all my needs.

I was finally able to put behind the tears I shed so much to fill up the red sea. I had found someone who loved my imperfections, finally.
Finally, for the first time in my life, I had newly found faith is the famous saying; “there is always the right one for everyone.”

I was so grateful to this woman, but I could not find the right words to express what she meant to me. “If I were Ed Sheraan, I’d put my feelings in a song,” I said. I continued searching for songs which could emotionally speak out my heart to her, but I could not find any.

Interestingly, just when the energy in my emotional reservoir was diminishing, Yo Maps came to my rescue with an instant hit single tilted “Finally”. In fact, when the ‘Finally’ song plays today, people still shake any movable part of their body as though they just heard the song yesterday.

‘Finally’ by Yo Maps is our second pick of the week under music that speak for us. Click on the link below to download the song for free. By the way, Zambian Tunes knows well that sometimes we need music to speak for us.

Download Yo Maps Finally
By Akabondo Simutanyi