Mumba Yachi’s Studio Burnt To Ashes


Today is a sad day for Fork Music Star, Mumba Yachi as he work up to a shock of his life.His studio got burnt to ashes by unknown people.

A situations he described as the most heartbreaking thing he has ever experienced. He shared the tragic news on his facebook page.. See post below

“I have been fighting battles ever since I was born but this one breaks my heart to the core, more than the deportation 😔😭. Yesterday majesties our studio, the Bamboo studio was burnt to ashes by unknown cowards and all our equipments and our CDs gone. But I can tell you this one will not kill our spirits. See you all on 7th of November” 🙏🏿💔

If you are willing to help him get back to his feet, please make a donation of any amount to the numbers on the post below