Meet Madaliso Phiri known as Dalisoul Mwana wamukomboni


Born Madaliso Phiri, Dalisoul or Mwana wa mu Komboni as he is popularly called by his fans, was born Madaliso Phiri in Zambia. Growing up in Mtendere compound, Dalisoul developed a passion for music at a tender age. This saw him performing in a church choir and participating in a number of various talent search competitions. His performances gained him a wide recognition. He made his debut single in 2001 with a song called ‘Kuninena’. Since then, he began working with many top Zambian musicians such as JK, Petersen, Danny, B1, Afunika,Petersen and Mampi.

What followed was the making of a video and his debut album titled ‘Shansha’. He followed this with hits like ‘Chipyango’, ‘Vomela’, ‘Munsunge Munshe’ and ‘Menso Yalibe Maketani featuring B1.

His music is about reality, it talks about the hardships of living in townships and the trials people face in life. He hopes to strengthen people by encouraging them to utilize whatever resources they have and make the best of every situation. He sees himself as an advocate of the people, speaking on their behalf with music. He hopes to bring about change by highlighting social issues affecting the youth in Zambia.

In December 2009, he released a hit single called ‘Condoms’. It featured a fellow musician called Petersen. Phiri’s music has crossed borders and is widely listened to in Malawi, Zimbabwe and other Southern African countries. He has collaborated with Malawian artists such as Skeffa Chimoto and Armstrong on songs such as ‘Musiye Ayende’ and ‘One Day’.

His music has earned him a household name with songs such as ‘Ndichiritseni’ featuring Indy K and ‘Chikanda Mbwelenge’ featuring Willz enhancing his music profile. Backed by the energetic Jerabo Dancers, Mwana wa mu Komboni’s strong stage presence incorporating elements of dance and theatre, still continues to captivate the Zambian audience