Kalumba Chikonde was born on 22,November. The last born in a family of 8. Kalumba went to Lusaka Boys School, then Munali Boys and later received further education at Evelyn Hone College studying accounts.

As a young man Kalumba got lots of inspiration from RADIO BOP & Metro FM, because his elder brothers always listened to the stations .kalumba’s brother while abroad sent recorded tapes of presenters on Kiss FM in London and Hot 105 in Miami, as well as other foreign stations.

He eventually joined mainstream radio as a newscaster with Radio Phoenix in March 1997 and was asked to sit in for the late Jack Kamuhuza one day to play music, and that’s how his radio career kicked off.

He later moved to Q-FM as host of the Weekend show and producer of the Drive Time show from 2003 -2005.

In 2005, he was appointed the first Programmes Manager for HOT where he built a formidable team, created concepts and creative initiatives which positioned the station as the number for news and entertainment and was later elevated to Creative Director of the station in 2009.

In 2009 K-Smash followed his passion and pursued a degree in public relations at Cavendish University, Zambia.

Commenting on his stage names “K-Smash” he states ‘K’ stands for Kalumba. Smash has so many meanings, one of which is ‘good’ so “I adopted this name which I was given by my elder brother Andrew.”

K-smash can be credited for being passionate about promoting local music and bringing up new talent on radio through his selfless mentorship.

On 16th of December 2016 the legendary Radio, TV presenter and Public Relations practitioner was bestowed with the Radio Legend award for his consistent creative contribution to Zambian radio for two decades at the Inaugural Zambian Radio awards held in Lusaka.

Receiving his award k-smash acknowledged Radio Phoenix, Q-FM and HOT FM for contributing to his longevity in the media through their support and all the fans that have listened to his shows over the years.

‘ I thank radio Phoenix for giving me an opportunity at the tender age of 19, Q-FM for the time I spent there with an amazing youthful team and HOT FM for believing in me as a ‘war planner’ over the years, I also wish to thank Jehovah God, my family ,friends and Fans for all the support’ Said K-smash
He later dedicated the award to his late friend and colleague Nawa Kabika aka DJ LBC who he described as a pillar in his career who always encouraged him to hold on when he felt like quitting the industry.”

On 16th April this year an article went viral claiming that Radio and Television pioneer Kalumba Chikonde alias K-Smash bedded more than 300 women at the peak of his career but denied being a Casanova saying he was only looking for love.

It further says K-Smash said’ in life you have to try all things before you rush into something.
Mr Smash says in his search for true love he ended up sleeping with different women ranging from high school pupils, College girls,working class ladies as well as married women.

How ever he regrets breaking the hearts of the women he spent time with saying he knows that it’s hard for them to move on but encouraged them to pray hard and take heart as they deserve better.

The legend who is believed to be in his early forties is scheduled to wed soon after meeting the one he has been waiting for so many years

No one can talk about radio in Zambia without mentioning the name k-smash among many others Kalumba has made a mark on the Zambian media industry.

Today he still remains dedicated to his calls even as he public relations officers.