Mampi Fans Speculating The Queen Diva Might Be Pregnant.


Our Queen Diva has received a lot of backlash were marital status is concerned as many of her haters keep bringing up the topic as to why upto now Mampi is not married even when she has all a man would want in a woman.

Well there are new speculations on social media as many have concluded that Our female singing sensation and award winner may be pregnant..Yes you heard right,there rumors that the Queen Diva is pregnant,How true that is we don’t know yet because Mampi hasn’t confirmed with us yet.

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Never mock a barren woman #Njuga coming soon ????

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Yesterday on her Instagram Page,Mampi posted a “pregnant woman” which she captioned “Never Mock A Barren Woman” as to introduce her soon to be release project ” NJUGA”
This raised many speculations as many of her fans started congratulating her as a soon to be mum.
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Lemonade juice is good juice ?

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And just this morning like to confirm the rumors, She made another post which she captioned “Lemonade Juice Is Good Juice” which also received mixed reactions from her followers as lemonade can be related to pregnancy and morning sickness because of its sourly and bitter taste .

Could this be a may of The Queen Diva announcing and confirming to the public that she is really Pregnant? If its true Then we would like to be among the first to pour our Congratulations Mampi on her first baby.

Well for now we can just wait and see,after all a pregnancy will eventually show as it grow,