Macky2 Responds To Yo Maps After Mr Finally Apologizes To Fans


Ok so social media has been buzzing from the day of the Kwacha Awards.We have heard many people add their opinion in regards to the way the Ceremony was conducted,From the Stage Setup,The Sound System,The Audience,The Winners,Nominees And many more.

But The main highlight was on Yo Maps because he scooped many Awards and won in all the categories he was nominated..Nevertheless,his Fans and many music lovers were not happy about one thing he didn’t do.Apparently Yo Maps in all the speeches he gave,He forgot to recognize Alpha Entertainment Founder Macky 2 whom he featured in his first hit single Finally which won him the biggest Award for “Song Of The Year”.

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In his response Macky 2 in a post on his social media platform proved to be matured and a Legend contrary to everyone’s expectations,He instead gave advise to the Young new comer and words of encouragement on how to handle certain matters as an artist.. Read Below

He Wrote

Hey Yo Maps..
This Whole Thing Is Funny To Me Pantu I Know Who You Truly Are. I Co-Signed You Not Only Coz You Are Super Talented But Also Coz Of Your Humility And Fighting Spirit.

Days Like This Will Always Be There.. Infact Even Worse, It Comes With The Territory.. But You Will Be Ok.

Its Always Important To Listen To People Coz They Are The Ones Who Make Olo Break You. But Always Pick And Choose What Advice To Act On.

Unfortunately There Is No Orientation, Handbook Olo Script For This Business. Everyone Experiences It Differently And You Have Figure Out Your Own Path Even As You Learn From The Greats.

Am Proud Of You.. *But I Guess I Should Have Said That On Stage Ka. Lol

To All Zambian Music Lovers..
Let Me Also Take This Opportunity To Apologize For All The Mistakes I Have Made In The Past.
I Promise To DO Better.. Olo Atleast TRY.


Yo Maps letter replied with a “HANK YOU” and share the response on his Facebook time line