Saturday was full of activities as The Kelvin Nyirongo Foundation officially unveiled Chef 187 as awareness ambassador. The event was attended by various sectors of people including the students from various universities and colleges, among the notable ones were University of Zambia and Evelyn Hone students both led by there President Generals.

Speaking at the event KNHF Director Kelvin Nyirongo mentioned on how excited he was on this partnership to have Chef 187 on board, he mentioned that he is a role model among the youths and commands a great following. So we want to use this opportunity to empower the youths and also fight bad vices among the notable ones being drug abuse which is reaching alarming levels but more importantly use this opportunity to spread God’s word. He also mentioned that there several partnerships in place but it’s also a great opportunity to work with the students as we soldier on to making our country a better place.

Mr Kelvin Daka KNHF Director for Projects was on hand to mention that the foundation has introduced free eye screening which will be roled out next year. This is to help those with eye problems in school and rural parts of Zambia who can’t afford to pay for such services!

Speaking at the same event Ambassador Kondwani Kaira Chef 187 told the masses that he himself does not do any form of drugs or alcohol. He wants the young ones to stay sober and contribute to the growth of the nation in all sectors of life in which they are involved in and use there talents wisely. Chef said he will be committed to the organization to help it with fundraising ventures and all its Angel programs to make sure that we empower the youths and generations to come!

Youths making a difference!
Join our movement as we make our communities a better place!