Kidist Mourns The Death Of Her Ex Daev With Regrets


Kidist who is the Late Daev Zambia’s Ex girlfriend and Yo Maps’ current girlfriend is saddened by the death of Daev ad regrets how her pride messed up her relationship with the late vocalist.

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Yesterday Sunday 27th September Zambia received the shocking passing of XYZ’s young vocalist Daev Zambia who died alongside 4 others in a road traffic accident.

But Before many people could process the sad news, videos circulated on social media of the late Daev being physically abused by his Ex girlfriend Kidist and her friend.

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Zambian’s couldn’t take it and called for the arrest of Kidist,her friend and the guy behind the camera.

Even after that saga,the lady couldn’t hide her sorrow. She posted a few status updates of how she regrets what she did to the late “Never Been Easy” and “Kamba Ka Love” hit maker

Below are some Screenshots from Kidist as know as Thift

Was Kamba Ka Love an SOS that we all ignored or never payed attention to?

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