Gospel artist Abel Chungu Explains Why he Wears Earrings


The story behind the Abel Chungu earrings

I had never grasped the full significance of Abel Chungu’s  Earrings until he explained after i posted on my social media platforms(ocent nation) if its allowed for a MALE GOSPEL MUSICIAN TO WEAR EARRINGS?

well Mr Musuka has some explanation for everything he does.

The answer to the question is No. There is No Biblical passage. Someone tried using Leviticus 19:28 which talks about markings on the body but also didn’t pay attention to verse 27 which told them not to do any shape ups with their beards.

I know some would say No but you’re a Gospel artist lead by example. My example is that you can come as you are and you personality is loved by God. I’ve worn earings since high school and bible collage days. But that doesn’t even matter. What’s silly is that we have attached even earrings to ones salvation. Is our salvation that fragile?
Imagine the outside observer wanting to get to God and reading that earrings are a disqualifier. So many roadblocks we have put because we have become so self confident in our salvation that we actually think our works are all that matter. Just like the Pharisee our attempts to sound more spiritual or look more spiritual distance us further from the character of Christ (Read Mathew 9:9-13)

We need to get back to the core message. Jesus. Because Jesus was, is and always will be the standard of Love.

Any time you politicise religion you politicize morality as well and end up having the most Immoral cultures- Ravi Zacharias