Today social media was buzzing in regards to the low turnout of Zambian artists at Dj Links’s Funeral even after being In the entertainment industry for more that 20 years.

So now who is Dj Links?

Dj Links was one of the Pioneer of Zambian Music who had been a Dj for more than 20 years on both radio and Club respectively. The late DJ Links kicked off his career in 1989 mainly as a club and mobile disco DJ. With his skills, he played at most happening clubs helping them become popular.His name became associated with clubs like Zenon, Cosmopolitan, Alpha, Black Velvet and most prominently Klub Vegas. . At the time of his death Dj Links was working for Hot Fm and Klub Vegas. He leaves behind a wife, and children.

“No matter what happens in life,Be good to people,being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind”. In as much as we have heard all the blame thrown at Zambian artists for shunning Dj Links’s funeral have we asked ourselves why this could be so?

What kind of a man was Dj Links?Was he social,Was he welcoming,Was he supporting Zambian Music entirely or he was more of an international music Dj?Was he really a pioneer of Zambian Music like he portrayed or it was just for the books?

Lets take it back a little bit to Dj Caristo Clear’s funeral.May His Soul Rest In Peace..If we can vividly remember when Caristo Clear died,social media was flooded with his pictures with almost if not everyone in the entertainment industry starting from his fellow Djs,Tv personnels,Artists and many prominent people who shared a picture with him.If a Dj who was only in the industry for less that 5 years could pull such a huge crowd,Why not a Dj who has been there for more that 20 years? Could it be that he never had a personal relationship with this generation of Zambian artists or could it be that he may have been in the Game for over 20 years but he was only doing to pay bills and not really for the love of the Zambian music industry?Because its not possible that all artists could be busy at the same time or like they planned not to attend because as far as am concerned they all come from different areas of life.

In as much as we would want to point fingers, I think its also important to consider this, How do you want people to remember you when you are gone” Its vital to understand that at the end of the day,You will be remembered by what you gave out as a person. “May your deeds on Earth speak for you when you are gone”

Rest Well Man Of The Soil,You shall be greatly missed by The Zambian Entertainment Industry. Till We Meet Again.