Clifford Dimba popularly known as General Kanene Slams Oga Family for Stealing the show


Let’s look at what’s hot now, there was news trending on the internet were Zambian based musical artist Clifford Dimba popularly known as General Kanene was being wanted by the Malawian police early this month for being accused of stealing one million Malawian kwacha (k100000) for a show he did not attend.
Reports were that he was booked for a show in Malawi and was paid before he went there but didn’t show up for the show
In this video he tells his side of the story so that the public can understand what happened.
So he says he wasn’t aware about the show that was happening in Malawi because it was not organised by him, so he talks about his fellow Zambian musical artists duo Kent Singoyi and Rex Singoyi popularly known as the organised family as the ones who had organised for the show without his concern.
He expresses his big disappoint on this issue because he wasn’t aware, he says the money was paid to the organised family and not him because they told the people of Malawi that they know him(General Kanene) so if they pay them in advance they can still bring him on board for the show because he is a good friend of theirs,
He states to say they went to him when he had a show on Komboni radio( 94.4 FM) as a presenter, they told him he had a show in Malawi and he was totally shocked because they said everything has been planned for and settled,
His response was he isn’t aware about what they have planned for him in Malawi and as a matter of fact he hasn’t even placed his own bill for him to be hired to go to Malawi and perform, his emphasises to say he is a father and has a family and a wife and he just can’t leave the country without leaving any money for his wife to sustain them whilst his away.
They told him they have already arranged for the transport to take them all to Malawi and he’ll get his money as he reaches the Malawian boarder.
He further stated to say as an artist I’m not like a monkey who will have to be dragged anywhere without me having any idea and that’s how he refused to go to Malawi
In this video he expresses himself and denies the case against him that he is the one who stole the money but insists to say everything was done behind his back and that’s why he couldn’t show up in Malawi
He says his innocent and wants everyone to know what really happened and the reason as to why he is not guilty of the case.
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