Chef 187 Weds His Girlfriend Of 7 Years Yolanda


Kondwani Kaira aka Chef 187 best referred to on the music scene as The Lyrical Sensei and The peoples favorite Rapper yesterday brought Social Media to a stand still as he wedded his long time girlfriend Yolanda

Watch Videos of their wedding of this link below

Chef 187 and Yolanda Wedding Video
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Chef 187 and His Wife Yolanda

They tried to keep their relationship which started seven years ago as kept as private as possible but Chef 187 being in the lime light,it was not easy because everyone wanted to know who the young brother to Kopala award winner and Alpha Entertainment CEO Macky 2 is dating.Until photos started emerging of Yolanda and Chef together that people knew they were a couple

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Chef 187 and Yolanda in Dubai 2017
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Chef 187 and Yolanda at the 2019 Lusaka July

With Fame comes rumors and gossip..The public started making speculations about their relationship being too old for courtship..Others even thought they will end up apart but hey,you never know what two people agree before stating their journey of love.

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Early this year in February, News went around social media that Chef 187 received his“Chilanga Mulilo” from Yolanda’s family. Chilanga Mulilo is a Zambian Tradition practiced by the brides family were they prepare different types of Zambian Dishes for the Grooms Family before marriage as to what should be expected in the couples home when they get married. There were no photos that were leaked of the ceremony apart from the bottle of mineral water below which was custom made for the event with Chef 187’s name Kondwani

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A Custom made Bottle of Mineral water for Chef 187’s Chilanga Mulilo

Last Week Saturday,The couple Chef 187 and Yolanda had their Kitchen party which was the talk of the week. An all white event which was attended by many high profile women in the the entertainment industry and her friend.Every one was amazed and congratulated the young couple on the big step but no one even thought their wedding was coming the next week

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Chef 187 and Yolanda at their kitchen party 11/07/2020

The event was epic and his brothers Macky 2 and Penjani was there to support him,including his young sister Towela

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Penjani Kaira, Towela Kaira, Kondwani Kaira and Mark Mulaza Kaira at Chef’s Kitchen party
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Macky 2 Wife ,Hantinga was also present to welcome the new Mrs Kaira to the Family

Yesterday was their wedding and people couldn’t help it but to pay attention on the date which was 18/7 just as his name Chef 187,I guess this was well calculated nhu..Their wedding will go down in Zambian History as the most talked about and definitely the Wedding of the Year. See some of the photos below.

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Chef 187 and Yolanda on their wedding 18/07/2020
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Chef 187 and his Groomsmen
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