C.E.O of Zambiantunes Uncle P Pro advise musicians to build solid relationships with Djs and promoters if they want to stay in the game long enough


The C.E.O of zambiantuns Peter Mwape also known as Uncle P Pro advise musicians to build solid relationship with promoter and djs

every time people ask me about music i always say this, In the music business industry its all about relationships and networking, if you really want to make it get in front of promoters and start building solid relationships,

Not that relationship you just popup wen you have a new song
Not that relationship you just want your friends to support you, but you don’t support them .
Not that relationship you just want to use people around you.

solid relationship-
That relationship you support each other
That relationship you pay your friend to do something for you just to show your support
That relationship you remember someone even wen you don’t need any help.

how to get connections!!

Make use of your social media by finding music promoters,Djs and Artist . You don’t need to start a conversation right away, but check out their page and if you like something you see on it, like or share their post! They will remember you when you message them to chat one day if they have seen your name having liked, shared, or commented on some of their stuff. They will appreciate it and likely return the favor.

Macky 2 once told me that, boi do you know that i always go through all the comments and likes every time i post something on my page. meaning he knows who likes,comments and share his stuff

It’s all about putting yourself out there as a polite, professional person. People will like you with that impression and you can show them your music side once you’ve gotten to know them. Be patient.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me since day one especially those who has not given up on me, even wen i didn’t deliver to there expectations, trust me this is just the beginning.