Black Billionaire CEO La’wino Says Both Slapdee And Macky 2 Have Made History In The Music Industry


Black Billionaire CEO Muzaya Shandavu whos stage name is La’wino has said Slapdee and Macky 2 have made history on the Zambian Music Industry,instead of comparing them with each other they should be appreciated while they are still alive.

Slapdee and Macky 2

In a Facebook post on his page,La’wino observed that the music industry still needs a lot of work,instead of spreading negative energy there is need to go out there and make a difference.

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This comes after Chellah Tukuta made a comparison about Slapdee and Macky 2

Image may contain: text that says "12m Tukuta Photography BITTER TRUTH IN THE ZAMBIAN MUSIC INDUSTRY. ZAMBIAN MUSICIANS NEED ΤΟ HELP EACH OTHER FOR THE INDUSTRY To GROW "THIS IS CHELLAH TUKUTA OPINION NOT EVERYONE." Macky 2 will go down in history for helping lift up upcoming artists. mean we all knew about Yo Maps Yo through Finally which featured Macky 2. And continues to do the same for talented upcoming artists. Macky 2 is living a legacy by impacting young people. His humility will keep him on top for long"
Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "Slap D very talented and very good with his style of music but his pride kills everything. A good legacy is built through helping the upcoming ones. Don't ever feel too big to work with youngsters. You need them because one day they too will be big. SLAP WANTS ALL THE GLORY ON HIM AND DOESN'T WANT το SHARE THAT GLORY Macky 2 remains very approachable and very friendly even to his fans. He has his own weaknesses but Macky 2 is more friendly than Slap D."