B Flow is a multi-award winning Artist, Humanitarian & Goodwill Ambassador endorsed by 44th USA President Barack Obama. He is the founder of Music For Change.
He uses his fame to speak about many things that affect Zambian Citizen including4 Child Abuse,Gbv,Poverty and many more.

3 days ago he posted a video condemning the mistreatment of Zambian workers by their foreign bosses after a couple of videos went viral on social media of Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa making followups on some complaints he received from some workers being put under unfavorable working conditions during the covid-19 pandemic by their Chines Bosses.

Today things took a turn when a video emerged of Lusaka Province Minister Mr Bowman Lusambo asking all those that aired their voice concerning the well being of Zambians against foreigner to apologized because they disrespected the office of the President. B Flow happened to be among the people he mentioned.

This didn’t settle well with many Zambians including celebrities like Mampi,Wezi,Kay Figo Bobby East and Thomas Sipalo as they took to social media to air their thoughts..Below are some of the thoughts they shared..