Are They Shots Or Facts From Tommy D?


Alot has been said about Tommy D’s Verse on the brand new song “Keep Forgetting” off Koby’s “Young Legend” Album which many have described to be Shorts he fired on The Kopala Brothers Chef 187 and Macky2 which also included top names in the game like Slapdee,Mampi and Ruf Kid.

On the verse Tommy D tackled a number of issues were the beginning of Hip Hop is concerned.Thats the time we saw the birth of a “Beef” between Lusaka Rappers and Kopala Rappers, He also include the effort he put in to help many of these Hip Hop stars we have today.But he complains about not being recorgnised for that he did for the Music industry particulary the “Hip Hop” Genre.

From the day the song was dropped,we have heard mixed reactions from his fellow artist and music lovers.

Macky2 responded with a post on his social media platforms were he Referred to Tommy D as “Bitter” See below

Mampi also added a voice to a tweet by one of Tommy D’s fans Chisenga

Ruf Kid also took it to facebook and responded in his own way.

So now after all this,we need to ask yourselves some questions. Were has Tommy D been while those he helped in the early stages of their career are making it big in the industry? Did his career end at some point for them not to include him on any of their projects?

Maybe after we answer theses questions we can conclude weather they are shots or facts.